Fact of the matter: I am neither a Samurai nor a Superhero.

Yep. I’m just making mistakes as other humans on the planet sometimes do. I’m a regular person who needs to stop and rethink on life periodically. Why this? Why that? What are you doing? Is this my mid-life crisis? These are kind of normal everyday thoughts. I think my trip to the #museumoficecream summed up my life in this moment- perfectly grumpy and depressed all in a nutshell…I have doubted my irony was their intention.


I’m sharing this here because. I don’t know, I guess.

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One Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing Jen. I like the juxtaposition of your grumpy face against the suffocating sweetness of the museum of ice cream’s walls… and floors.

    Why not this, why not that, what am I not doing?


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