Cara’s Skirt Donation for Blythecon Brooklyn 2017

Cara is my friend. When I heard she was donating 260 skirts she was sewing for everyone at the conference My first instinct was to offer some assistance.

(Here is Cara’s photo of the skirt.)


It was very difficult sewing one at a time for me. So my friends, John and Cara said to do more like an assembly line.

temporarytemporary 3

The amount of effort that has to go into making so many of these is intense. Cara sewed all the rest and there is a buckle embellishment too and she sews that part on. I am glad I offered to help and that she let me. It was a lesson in perfectionism. I am going to iron and press them all one more time before they leave here to be packaged up and off to Blythecon Brooklyn!

Here is Cara’s blog post with the instructions and such.

I designed the logo too.



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