Dear Britex,

Dear Britex.

I live at Post and Leavenworth—not too far from you. I started seriously sewing about 4 years ago for obscure fashion dolls. I never hang out on the first floor. I love the remnants and notions floors. It’s been years of coming in finding things to make dreams with. I recognize most everyone who works there and when they ask what I make I always say doll clothes. Here are some examples of what I love to sew and make with all the things I get there. Thank you for always being both helpful and curious.

-jen spectacular

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  1. […] Included here are just a few of her designs. For more photos, please visit her blog here. […]


  2. OMG how fantastic love these outfits especially the red dress with the ribbon roses. Wish I had a doll to dress.


  3. you’re work is soooo sweet. I thought of tiny world 🙂


  4. Ohhh, predictave dictatex! I meant: I love tiny worlds!
    (From a sewer, knitter and artful mender living small in SF)


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