Something Amazing Happened.

I am having a tough time processing this right now. My cousin sent me my grandmother’s sewing box. Inside there are many things… A handwritten note that says green shirt with 2 green buttons on it, some trims and a pincushion. My grandmother could sew and she inspired me want to learn to sew. I take the learning and the craft very seriously and I feel driven by a need to sponge up more learning about it. To try and get better and better. I never feel bad making mistakes sewing. Everything feels positive to me about it. My grandmother was a kindred spirit. I know we loved each other a lot. There is comfort having this here. When I can I will put my things in there I will use it for the same purpose she did. A treasure.




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  1. Awww, that’s amazing, It truly is a treasure! Both the box and the pin cushion are so beautiful, I love the vintage prints!


  2. My Gran taught me to sew as well. The summer I was 9 I got to stay with her almot the whole summer. She was not well but did not want to leave her apartment and Mom and my Aunts agreed to try to help her stay in her home as long as it was still practical. We had some wonderful times, sewing, cooking, shopping at a grocery shop close enough by to go on foot (I don’t think my Gran knew how to drive). I am go thankful to have those memories.


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