A New Home.

I was given this amazing gift of dollhouse furniture. At first I wasn’t sure where it would go. Today it found a new home in my first dollhouse. It fits perfectly I think. I will probably sew some cushions for the couch and bedding. That’s it though, they fit right in. I’ve been struggling with this project. The furnishings didn’t feel authentic. These do because they were handmade, I think.


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  1. The furniture really does seem to belong to the house!


    1. Yeah, for sure. I was all like jaw-dropped when it seem to just fit.


  2. The furniture looks great! So charming. This is my favorite doll house because it is two rooms deep like a real house.


    1. I love that too. Dollhouses usually are more like cabinets.


  3. Yes indeed, the furniture is a very good match to your house, kind of a modern rustic look like you might find in a country farmhouse. Well done!


  4. These pieces are just beautiful! What a treasure!


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