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  1. That’s some amazing detail.


  2. Jennifer Van Boskerck January 1, 2018 at 1:54 am

    When painting the exterior walls, what paints and color did you use? I am currently building a house made out of MDV from Real Good Toys. I want to make it a haunted house. Do you have a specific techniue that you do?


    1. Hi. What I use is acrylic paint from DECO-ART™. I start with a flat color, white for example. I add different dark color washes afterwards. I use a train model ground cover for some of the mosses- I glue that on with regular white glue like Elmers™. Other mosses and vines are from Creative Accents by Bill Lankford. With those I use hot melt and the white glue. I’ve used this technique on a Real Good Toys Quick-Build Playscale Townhouse with good results. I hope that helps!


  3. This is a Marvellous dollhouse!!! I love the aging and the sense of Real Life you’ve so beautifully infused in each of the rooms as well as on the exterior. It’s all very vintage, romantic and welcoming! 😀


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