1992 Vintage Barbie Fold N’ Play Doll House, Spray Painted White.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. I think it makes a great backdrop in white.

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  1. That looks so much better after you painted it! By any chance, is that Barbie house hard to find or expensive?


  2. Wow, that turned out gorgeous!


  3. i just painted mine black and pink for monster high dolls and I thought I was so clever and innovative – but you beat me to the punch!


  4. Hello,
    Sorry I am late to the party – this is such a gorgeous and smart idea – I want to try this out!
    I have acquired an eclectic group of vintage dolls recently – I have some modern furniture for them, but no “bricks or mortar” home!
    Can you tell me how you prepped the house for spray painting and which kind you used? Did you clean or sand it beforehand?


    1. Marian, Hi there. I cleaned it and took all the adhesives off with a 3m product. I used plastic specific spray paint. I was surprised by how much was needed.


      1. Hello Jen,

        Thank you for your reply – it is very helpful. I will be going to the hardeware store tomorrow to get supplied.
        I just received this dollhouse this week, so I am very excited!
        You know, I think I know why you need a lot of spray paint – this house is much bigger than I thought!

        In any case, love your finished creation, and will aim to do likewise – my COVID project 🙂

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