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  1. I have tryed everything to get one of my eycheip out of my Middie. One went easy,the other one is stuck. I followed the tutorial to the T and I stll can’t get it out. I even tryed soaking it in very hot water. Is there a safe glue chemical that I can use to get the glue out from under the chip. As I think mine just got more of the glue.Any and all help is truly appreciated!


  2. Gosh…I’ve only done it twice. I followed this tutorial. When one of my eyechips was stuck I used a metal tool that looks like a miniature awl bent at a 90degree angle. I scraped it out of the glue. Have you tried pushing it in from the outside? I ask because I can’t in good conscience recommend any glue removers. I will check with some of my friends…


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