My 400th Post.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the blog.


2951708845_9bac272560_b 5096999779_e22d5a767a_b 5662694515_ee18a3368a_b 6087317298_f2ebfe763d_b 6275291527_d0b64d37c7_b 6590916923_8fc44d9c82_b 6702910969_8c651fd477_b 6756106881_dcf1759ffe_b 6799046410_68bd9732f2_b 6865534641_e89dc7156b_b 7200601984_859023fe83_b 7521385838_b15a98057b_b 7529451120_ec4f7642d1_b 7578195488_17c5cfee9d_b 7615886430_f89f3c3882_b 7717930200_b1429df384_b 8226098448_43a747a5dd_b 8238704091_76ab82b042_b 8243103356_910ea1e0bf_b 8255511493_fb8ba0f573_b 8281488844_8e779a5dd7_b 8305540081_8976acf6a9_b 8373291277_28f541e778_b 8439626058_6a2066cb56_b 8626269503_21ab928d31_b 8649781752_fb84febba1_b 8675733569_69ecaee442_b 8686240567_c565368601_b 8688777009_a015c8499a_b 8990043681_d2f2d94908_b 8999198827_88214d93d4_b 9104195867_82540f87cf_b 9175807358_7237de8110_b 9225936063_6a0f3d27f0_b 9229615938_da171ce583_b 9284351501_40899ca6a2_b 9287123800_ca469558ee_b 9356125326_891eccdb25_b 9366804615_09b85cd156_b 9372717335_3a7f45e520_b 9402142212_10c5b6985f_b 9446524885_5372319b6e_b 9497620593_73286e096e_b

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  1. Your artistic vision and drive are an inspiration. Amazing. What? Do you have about 36 hours in a day?


    1. Haha! I wish I could do this for a living. But I have a day job and I do this at night for fun.


      1. That’s my story also, which leaves me even more impressed with the amount of creative productivity flowing through you. You are having some serious fun…… and Yuuki will be over the moon!

        Very best wishes,

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