Yuuki’s House Status

Today I am putting in floors and fixing the roofing on Yuuki’s House.

I took a break to take some pictures of stuff that is in it.

1. Now it has working windows.


2. This is the kitchen table. The mixer and jug on it are from TYA kitchen in Japan.2table 3mixer 4cake 5carrot 6tya

3. This is the stove. It is from Etsy. I modified it a bit with a Roper Stove I had that came from Ebay. I never thought it would come in handy.
7stove 8backsplash4. You must always have tea.9tea

5. This is a Heidi Ott Suitcase I have had for years and never knew it opened. I cut out the stickers that came with it finally.
10suitcase6 Tootsie Toy Dresser 14dresser 15flower 16pillows


7. this light I painted turquoise.17lamp 18mouse

8.Ms. Mouse.

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