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  1. hi. How did you get your mansard roof to curve so well? Most break In half. I do not want to use cardboard as a replacement. Any tips? Thanks!


    1. Oh yeah. You want to soak the wood in some hot water. Then try bending it. Be patient. It will take a while and a couple of tries. Some of mine actually started to break. Good luck. Please let me know if this works out for you.


  2. Thanks for the tip. I checked on more blogs again. And the hot water to some extent does work. So will try scoring them further then soak them. I only have the last big front one to go. They don’t seem to stick to the roof supports. As long as the corner sides meet on the outside I won’t bother sticking them on the supports. Tiring and tough work!


  3. Finally got the roof to bend a little with hot water but not entirely. one corner didnt meet and for sure the roof supports and wall have huge gaps in them. Looks alright but may affect the dormer windows. Just curious how did you do up your chimney? did you use clay bricks or paper clay then score them yourself? They look really neat!


    1. Oh the bricks are clay bricks that I glue down then apply a thin coat of polyurethane, mortar the gaps and then that’s how i try to do all my brickwork. 🙂


      1. Your handwork is amazing and color combination and choice or furnishings are much admired!

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