Furnishing Plans

“Furnishing your dollhouse will be an ongoing process. Do not expect or attempt to fully furnish the dollhouse in a weekend or even in a month. Allow your dollhouse to grow and evolve naturally, adding details as they become relevant to you. Remember that dollhouse furnishing is about much more than simply furniture. You may want to add artwork on the walls, various flooring options, oven mitts, teapots. Think about the dollhouse as you would your own home and think of the little details that make a house into a home. Continue to add, subtract and redecorate throughout the life of the dollhouse, just as you do in your own home. Look to sources from designer homes to dollhouse shows for inspiration and let the dollhouse furnishings come naturally. This can be a lifelong hobby.”

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me—it’s so tanrspanretly clear now!


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